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Best Commercial Induction Cooktop Reviews with Comparison

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If you have a commercial business such as a restaurant,  food truck or small convenience store, a commercial induction cooktop is preferable to one designed specifically for residential use.

Some commercial induction units can also be used for everyday home cooking. Be sure to check the warranty and electrical requirements.

While other articles on this website focus on residential induction cooktops, this one covers commercial induction burners.

Let's have a look at the best commercial induction cooktops.

Reviews of the Best Commercial Induction Cooktops

Duxtop LCD P961LS Commercial Portable Induction Cooktop 

Secura introduced a new commercial induction cooktop, the Duxtop P961LS Commercial Portable Induction Cooktop to their product line in late 2018. One of the nice features about this unit, is that it can be used in both commercial and residential kitchens.

Duxtop Professional Portable Induction Cooktop, Commercial Range Countertop Burner, 1800 Watts Induction Burner with Sensor Touch and LCD Screen, P961LS/BT-C35-DCheck price and availability


This is a robust unit with its stainless steel housing. The angled front control panel that holds the LCD display and sensor touch controls.

The 11”x 11” glass cooking surface has two placement guides to assist in centering the induction compatible cookware.

This is a versatile unit as it can be used to prepare a quick dish like scrambled eggs, or something that will take longer like candy, bone broth, maple syrup or a batch of homebrew beer.

Quick Facts

  • 20 Temperature settings from 100°-460°F *
  • 20 Power levels from 100-1800W **
  • Keep Warm function: Cooktop switches to TEMP MODE at 140°F with the timer set for 30 minutes.
  • One touch boil: Power level 10 for 10 minutes
  • Lock function: prevents setting changes
  • Timer: Can be set for a maximum of 10 hours and will run continuously for those 10 hours.
  • LCD Sensor Touch Control Panel  
  • Limited Warranty: 1 Year

* Temperature setting: Increments of 20 degrees from 100°-360°F and 375, 390, 405, 420, 440, and 460°F.

** Power level settings: Increments of 80W from 100-900W and 100W increments from 900-1800W.


  • Stainless steel housing
  • 20 temperature and 20 power levels
  • Can accommodate up to 65 lb weight load
  • 10 hr countdown timer
  • 2 year warranty


  • Beeping sound is loud
  • Electrical requirements: 120V/15amp
  • Total dimensions (L x W x H): 16.5”x12.9”X 4” 
  • Glass cooktop: 11”x11”
  • Minimum pan size: 5” 
  • Weight: 13 pounds
  • Weight load maximum: 65 pounds
  • Cord length: 5 ft.
Safety Features and Certifications
  • Automatic shut down if the temperature of the cooking surface is greater than 460ºF.
  • The unit will turn off after 1 minute under these conditions:
  • If the no cookware or improper (not induction compatible) cookware is on the glass cooktop
  • If the pot or pan is not properly centered on the cooking surface
  • If the unit is turned on and the MENU button is not pressed
  • If the voltage input is too high or too low
  • ETL approve and FTC Part 18 Compliant
Check price and availability

Breville|PolyScience the Control Freak Temperature Controlled Commercial Induction Cooking System

This small induction burner may not look like much, but it's a technology that will utterly transform the way you cook. The ability to precisely set and hold any food temperature you want, with customized intensity and programmable memory makes your cooking faster, easier, and more delicious than ever before.

Breville|PolyScience the Control Freak Temperature Controlled Commercial Induction Cooking SystemCheck price and availability


The award-winning Breville|PolyScience the Control Freak Temperature Controlled Commercial Induction Cooking System is an induction heating cooker that has a built-in control probe for precise temperature control, no matter what you are cooking.

A twin fan cooling system keeps the cooker and your kitchen cool, no matter what the weather is. 

Quick Facts

  • Stainless Steel Housing
  • Ceramic Glass Cooktop Surface
  • Power: 1800 Watts
  • Temperature: 77°F-482°F
  • 405 Possible Holding Temperatures
  • Uses a through glass sensor to directly measure surface temperature in real time.
  • Adjustable heat intensity for fast or slow heating or cooling
  • Two Cooling Fans: A dedicated fan for cooling the induction coil and another for the electronics. This avoid the unit shutting down due to overheating when cooking at high heat continuously.
  • Probe Control™ remote thermometer - controls the temperature of both water and fat-based liquids.
  • 72 hour timer with repeat, continue, keep warm, and stop functions
  • USB to save cooking programs and thermometer alarms
  • With onboard memory, you can save and use your most frequently used settings, and use USB to save or share those settings with other Control Freak cookers.
  • Warranty: 2 Years Commercial Limited

Who is this product for?

The Breville|PolyScience Control Freak Cooking System is designed for restaurant and home chefs who want the ultimate in precision and control over their foods.

It is also ideal for sous vide cooking,  as it allows you to set and hold temperatures within 1.8° of accuracy, measured 20 times per second. The intensity adjustment allows you to determine whether your cooker reaches temperatures quickly or more slowly, and it maintains precise, even temperatures with no hot spots or scorching. This high-quality induction cooktop is fast, precise, and perfect for people who love control.


  • Precise, even, and accurate way to cook
  • Can hold 405 temperatures within 1.8 degree accuracy
  • Dual fan cooling system
  • Probe can be set to sense either pan temperature or food temperature
  • Onboard memory to store your favorite settings
  • Use for Sous Vide


  • Can be tricky to use the probe along with a lidded pan
  • Weight sensor may not react to lightweight cookware 
  • Expensive

How to use the  Breville|PolyScience Control Freak Cooking System

You can always use the Breville|PolyScience Control Freak Cooking System just like a conventional heating element, but this cooker is best for people who have an interest in food science, who want eggs cooked to precisely 149°F, or to sous vide steak at exactly 135°F.

For chefs and recipes that call for that kind of precision, simply set the time and temperature on the Control Freak and relax. If your existing recipes are less precise, it may take some trial and error for you to find the perfect settings for your favorite poached egg, long-simmered sauce, or deep brown sear.

  • Electrical requirements: 110-120V/15amp
  • Total dimensions (Wx D x H): 8" x 19" x 5"
  • Minimum pan size: 4.5”  
  • Maximum pan size: 10"  

Safety and Certifications

  • If cooking above 475°F for longer than 30 minutes, the cooker will pause.
  • UL/IEC and NSF Commercial Certification
  • IPX3 water resistant -can survive sprays of water

Final Thoughts

The Breville|PolyScience Control Freak Cooking System is truly in a class by itself – no other countertop induction cooker has construction this rugged and durable, with temperature control so precise and accurate. Hopefully we will see these technologies improve and create a broader range of products in the marketplace, but for right now the Control Freak stands alone.

The Breville|PolyScience Control Freak Cooking System is the induction cooker for home and professional chefs who want the ultimate in cooking control and precision for every dish, every time. It's a single cooker that allows you to perfectly sous vide and then sear meats in just a few seconds, perfectly poach one or a dozen eggs every time, and simmer for hours without burning or hot spots. This level of control and precision will change the way you cook and the way you think about cooking forever.

Check price and availability

Vollrath 59500P Mirage® Pro Countertop Induction Range Cooker

The Vollrath Company, LLC develops and manufactures kitchenware products and appliances for the foodservice industry. They are headquartered in Sheboygan, WI and have facilities in the United States, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain and China. This review discusses the Vollrath 59500P Mirage Pro Countertop Induction Range Cooker.

This product is intended for use in ONLY commercial food service businesses. The warranty is voided if it is used in a residential kitchen (Vollrath customer service verified this information).

Vollrath 59500P Mirage Pro Countertop Induction Range Cooker, 120-Volts, 1800-Watts, NSFCheck price and availability

Quick Facts

  • Case frame is made of 18 gauge-stainless steel
  • Ceramic cooking surface with angled control panel and dial knob to change settings
  • Temperature mode: 32 settings from 80°F to 400°F (10 degree increments in Celsius or Fahrenheit )
  • 100 Power levels
  • A ball bearing fan is used which is more durable and emits less noise than a sleeve bearing fan. 
  • Timer: 1 to 180 minutes (in one minute increments)*
  • The four rubber feet on the bottom of the unit keep it raised off the countertop or table. 
  •  A limited two year warranty is provided if this Vollrath induction cooktop is used in a commercial kitchen. Vollrath will not honor this warranty for residential use.
  • This commercial grade induction cooktop is designed by Vollrath and is manufactured in a China factory that is a subsidiary of Vollrath, thus affording them manufacturing control.

*The unit shuts off when the set time has elapsed. If the timer is not set, the unit will run indefinitely as long as there is an induction ready cooking vessel and contents on the cooktop.

Unit Efficiency

The Vollrath Induction Cooktop has four insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) switches that share the induction process load. Most portable induction cooktops have one IGBT switch.

This is preferable to having just one switch because it improves the efficiency of the unit thereby using less electricity and providing faster cooking times. Sharing the load among four switches is certainly preferable to having just one switch that powers the whole cooktop. 


  • 100 power levels
  • 80° to 400°F
  • Stainless steel case top with aluminum bottom
  • Precise temperature control
  • Vollrath controls the unit design and owns the manufacturing plant
  • NSF, FCC Part 18 and UL certified


  • Warranty not honored for residential use
  • Expensive
  • Electrical requirements: 120V/15amp
  • Total dimensions (L x W x H):  15.25” x 14” x 3”   
  • Glass cooktop: 11”x11”  
  • Coil diameter of 8.6 inches (per Vollrath)
  • Minimum pan size: 4.5”  
  • Maximum: 10.25"
  • Weight: 12.8 pounds  
  • Cord length: 6 ft.  
  • Three pronged plug (5-15P)
Safety Features and Certifications
  • This Vollrath induction burner has these safety features and certifications.
  • Auto shut off if the unit is overheating, the voltage is too high or too low, the pan is empty, or the cookware has been removed from the cooktop for more than five minutes.
  • The words “HOT PAN” will flash on the display panel if the ceramic is too hot after a heating cycle has finished.
  • The unit will not heat if the cookware is too small or is not induction ready.
  • An error message appears if no pan is detected.
  • This commercial induction cooktop is NSF and UL certified.
Customer Service

I was impressed with Vollrath’s technical support. I called twice with several specific questions regarding the Mirage® Pro 59500P induction cooktop. Each time my questions were fully answered in a friendly and professional manner.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an induction cooker for commercial use, the Vollrath Mirage Pro Countertop Induction Cooker 1800-Watts  is certainly worth considering. It is more expensive than other 1800 Watt induction cooktops. However, chefs appreciate its portability, solid construction and the ability to control the temperature while preparing food.

Some consumers purchase this unit for their home kitchens because of its durability and construction, the large coil, and the flexibility of having 100 power levels despite the lack of warranty protection.

Check price and availability

Waring WIH400 Commercial Induction Cooktop 

The Waring Commercial WIH400 Induction Range Burner a solidly constructed, no-frills unit that certainly deserves a place on our list of induction cooktops for businesses.

It is an 1800 Watt, 120 Volt unit that has an array of preset temperature options, all the necessary safety features and is easy to operate.

Quick Facts

  • Stainless steel housing and ceramic glass cooking surface
  • 10 preset power options in the HEAT mode.*  
  • 12 preset temperature settings from 120-500°F**
  • Timer: Up to 10 hours (When time expires, the unit will NOT automatically shutoff.)
  •  Warranty: Limited one year  

* Power settings are 200, 350, 500, 650, 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800 Watts. This information was obtained from Conair/Waring customer service.

**Temperature settings, in Fahrenheit are: 120, 140, 160, 180, 210, 250, 280, 320, 380, 420, 460, and 500. This information was obtained from Waring Customer Service.


  • No-frills - easy to operate
  • 12 preset temperature settings
  • 11" x 11" cooking surface
  • Maximum temperature - 500ºF
  • 10 hour timer
  • NSF and ETL approved
  • FCC Part 18 compliant


  • No child lock
  • Fan is slightly loud
  • When using the timer, the unit does not automatically shut-off when time has expired


  • Electrical requirements: 120V/15 amp 
  • Plug 5-15 - The cord has a molded 3-prong grounding type plug.
  • Total dimensions (L x W x H): 16" x 13" x 4" 
  • Glass cooktop: 11”x11”
  • Minimum pan size: 4.75”
  • Maximum: 10"
  • Weight: 10.85 pounds  
  • Cord length: 4 ft.  
Safety Features

The Waring WIH400 has a nice complement of safety features.

1. The unit will shut off after an extended period of time if there is an empty pan on top of the cooker.

2. An overheat sensor, which, when activated causes the cooker to cease operation.

3. A low (75V) and high (145V) warning system.

4. The unit will shut off after 1 minute if an induction compatible pot or pan is not on the glass cooking surface.

Comparing Commercial Induction Cooktops


Duxtop LCD P961LS

Breville|PolyScience the Control Freak

Vollrath 59500P Mirage® Pro

Waring WIH400

Power Levels





Power Range





Temp Settings





Temp Range





Function Lock





Commercial Induction Cooktop F.A.Q.

What cookware can be used on a commercial induction hob?

The cookware requirements are the same for all types of induction stoves and cooktops. The base must be flat and made with ferrous materials, such as iron and other magnetic materials.

Examples of induction ready cookware materials are: carbon steel, cast iron, enameled cast iron, iron/steel, and magnetized stainless steel.

To check your cookware, place a magnet on the base of your pans and pots and if it securely sticks it is induction compatible.

The unit will not operate if unsuitable cookware is placed on the surface.

Does the cookware make noise on the cooktop?

A humming or buzzing sound produced by the pot or pan while cooking is normal. Cast iron or enameled cast iron cookware tend to make less noise than those that are lighter in weight such as multi-ply stainless steel. The sound level also depends upon the size of the pan and the amount of ingredients it contains. Pans that are the same size as the burner ring tend to produce less noise.

Here's a thorough explanation as to why induction cooktops make noise.

What does NSF Certification mean?

NSF is a non-profit organization that evaluates and tests food service and restaurant supply products to make sure they are designed and built in a way that promotes food safety. [1] To be NSF certified, products must meet certain standards. Not only is the equipment evaluated, the manufacturing plant is audited by an NSF representative. This examination is conducted to make sure the product is manufactured using sanitary methods and is repeated annually if the company wants their product to continue to be NSF certified.

[1] Food Safety Tips

Updated October 23, 2020

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