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Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite Review – 2023

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Breville has a long-standing tradition of creating multi-purpose kitchen appliances that help people save time and effort with big or small tasks. The Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite is one such appliance.

This high-quality centrifugal juicer can handle the toughest ingredients. It has a 1000 Watt motor and two speeds.

This vertical juicer is a good choice for those who juice several days a week.

Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite Centrifugal Juicer, Brushed Stainless Steel

Breville Juice Fountain Elite Features

This juicer is referred to as the Breville Juice Fountain Elite or the Breville 800JEXL.


The 1000W motor of the Breville 800JEXL has two-speed settings.

The lower spins the disc at 6,500 RPM, which should be used for soft fruits and leafy vegetables. The high-speed setting delivers an impressive 13,000 RPM for juicing hard produce.


This centrifugal juicing machine is robust and durable. The die-cast steel housing is sturdy and doesn’t have problems with overheating. The same level of quality is present on the interior components as well.

All parts that come into contact with food are BPA-free.

The filter bowl is made of stainless steel.

The wide 3” feeding tube can accommodate whole fruits. However, it is best to cut them into at least halves. Other than washing the produce, there is very little prep time.

A titanium-reinforced cutting disc's cutting power and durability are added attributes. Titanium is a strong and corrosion-resistant metal. 

Breville claims this juicer transfers less than 1.8°F of heat. Perhaps this is due to the sharp titanium reinforced cutting blades.

Because of the high speed and sharpness of the disc, the juice extraction and nutrient retention are very good. And the fine micro-mesh filter ensures that little pulp ends up in your glass or travel mug.

The Breville 800JEXL will not operate unless the juicer cover and the safety locking arm are in place.

The juicing jug holds 1.1 quarts, and the pulp container is about 3.2 quarts.


What We Like

  • The stainless steel filter basket is durable and corrosion-resistant
  • The titanium reinforced cutting blade shreds food quickly and reduces heat transfer
  • The froth separator controls foam output
  • Easy to clean (soak filter after juicing)
  • Simple to operate

What is Not Ideal

  • The warranty (one-year) should be longer given the price of the unit
  • Expensive for a centrifugal juicer
  • Mixed user feedback on how well the juicer handles leafy greens

How to Use the Breville Juice Fountain Elite 

The official Breville video below shows the Breville 800JEXL in action.

Although this juicer is built to last, the motor always operates at high RPM. Therefore, whether you use the low or high-speed setting, you should allow time to rest between uses.

It’s recommended that you don’t exceed 60 seconds of juicing fruits, veggies, and leafy greens at one time. Then, let the motor rest for one minute before resuming the process.

One way to process leafy greens is to wrap them over a piece of carrot or apple and put it in the chute.

Another method is to roll up the leaves and stems and run through slowly. Then put apples or carrots in the chute and juice those at high speed.

Cleaning the Breville 800JEXL

The following parts are dishwasher safe if placed in the upper rack: juice cover, filter bowl, and juice jug. The pusher is not to be placed in the dishwasher.

The Breville User Guide and User Manual both state the Nutri Disc(TM) can be placed in the upper rack of the dishwasher. The problem with doing this is that you may not run the dishwasher for several hours. The food will harden, and the disc might not get thoroughly cleaned.

Instead, you could soak the basket in warm water for a few minutes. Then, using the nylon brush included with the juicer, hold the disc under running water and brush from inside the basket.

Hold it up to the light to ensure the holes aren't blocked when you have finished cleaning the disc. Breville recommends soaking the disc in hot water with 10% lemon juice to loosen the material in the holes if they are blocked. 

fresh carrots and carrot juice

Who is the Breville 800JEXL For?

There are a few factors to consider when deciding if the Breville Juicer 800JEXL is a good investment.

If you plan to juice at least a few times a week, this Breville juicer is one to consider. However, if you aren't ready to commit to juicing long-term or for more than a couple of days a week, a less expensive quality juicer might be a better choice.

One option is the Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus. We bought this juicer in 2021 and are very happy with it. The price point on the JE98XL is less than that of the 800JEXL. 

Another consideration is what fruits and vegetables you will be juicing most of the time. This juicer is great for dense produce and soft and citrus fruits.

If you plan to make only green juice, perhaps a masticating juicer is a better choice. Although this juicer can handle leafy greens, it will certainly not produce the juice yield you'd get with a slow juicer like the Omega Juicer J8006HDS

This juicer isn't for you if you want a juicer that can make nut butter, sorbet, baby food, and almond milk. The Omega NC900HDC Juicer Extractor can handle these food processing tasks, leafy greens, and hard and soft fruits and vegetables.

The one-year warranty is another consideration. Other brands, such as Omega, offer a more generous warranty (some products have a 15-year warranty).

For some households, noise could be a factor in their purchasing decisions. In general, masticating juicers are quieter than centrifugal juicers. 

The main benefit of a centrifugal juicer is speed. Large amounts of fruits and vegetables can be juiced quickly. This is convenient if you don’t have time to make a big fruit or vegetable salad, sit down, and enjoy it.

Eating a fruit or vegetable whole gives you additional fiber and other benefits instead of juice. However, if you have dental issues, you may not be able to enjoy root vegetables unless they’re boiled to a mush. In this case, making carrot juice is a healthy alternative.

Eliminating the pulp becomes an important part of planning if you can’t handle lots of fiber in your system.

Final Thoughts

The Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite is a well-built, sturdy juice with a high-quality cutting blade and filter basket. For speedy juicing and minimal prep, the Breville 800JEXL delivers. The foam separator is a handy addition as it reduces the amount of froth in your juice.


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