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Low Carb Toaster Oven Recipes

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Toaster ovens can be used for a lot more than reheating pizza or making toast. They can be used for preparing main meals and side dishes. In this article, we share several low carb recipes that can be made in a toaster oven. 

Some recipes for food preparation using a toaster oven call for the use of alumimum foil. As recommendations vary from one manufacturer to another, we suggest readers consult the user manual prior to using aluminum foil in their toaster oven.

Note: Food bloggers work hard to develop their recipes and building their food photography skills. They own the photos of their recipe. As a result, the images below are not of the actual recipe but are stock photos. They were purchased by APreparedKitchen and are merely decorative. The actual photos of the food and accompanying recipe created by the blogger, can be found by clicking the link provided.

asparagus on china plate

Toaster oven foods can include healthy foods like asparagus. Try this vegetable recipe and see what you think.

Here's the recipe from Mother Would Know.

Baked Egg Cups

Baked omelet in ramekin

These baked egg cups are great for breakfast or a snack.

Here's the recipe from Life Made Sweeter.


bacon on rack in cookie sheet

Toaster oven baked bacon is convenient and a time saver. While the bacon is baking you can be cooking your eggs.

Here's the recipe from Spoonful of Easy.


cabbage on wooden

Cabbage can be enjoyed even if you aren’t going the low carb route.

Here's the recipe from Toaster Oven Love.


hamburger with lettuce and ketchup on plate on a table

If you have been on the hunt for a recipe to make hamburger in a toaster oven, this recipe may be for you.

Here's the recipe from Livestrong.

Roasted Chicken

Festive celebration roasted turkey with gravy

This main dish is perfect for low carb diets.

Here's the recipe from Food.


Baked salmon steak with tomato, onion, mix of green leaves salad on a plate.

A healthy low carb main dish with lemon flavor.

Here's the recipe from One Dish Kitchen.


garlic shrimp

This baked shrimp recipe is great for an appetizer or snack. 

Here's the recipe from Martha Stewart.

Zucchini chips

Homemade zucchini chips with breadcrumbs and parmesan

These crunchy zucchini chips are a great side dish.

Here's the recipe from Sustainable Cooks.

To keep your toaster oven in good condition, one of the things you can do is to spend a few minutes cleaning your toaster oven after you have finished cooking your meal or side dish.