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Tiger JKT-B18U-C Induction Heating Rice Cooker Review

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Rice cookers have been around for a long time, but induction heating rice cookers are relatively new. One of the benefits of using induction heating technology in a rice cooker is the temperature is consistently monitored and the food is evenly cooked.  

Let’s take a look at what makes theTiger JKT-B18U-C 10-Cup Rice Cooker a solid option for rice lovers. This Tiger Rice Cooker is for those who want a basic induction rice cooker. It does not have a slow cook or tacook function.

Tiger JKT-B18U-C Rice Cooker with Oatmeal Cooker, Stainless Steel Beige, 10 CupCheck price and availability

The Tiger Corporation has incorporated induction heating (IH) technology into some of their models. The JKT-B18U rice cooker has this type of heating system.

One of the benefits of IH in rice cookers is that the unit can make precise temperature adjustments during the cooking process. This results in the rice being cooked evenly and quickly.

Another benefit is that the inner pot is heated on the bottom and sides ensuring the texture of each rice grain is the same. In this cooker, the rice is heated to 265°F while the steam is 240°F.


  • 8 pre-set functions including porridge and oatmeal
  • Programmable 12 hr delay start
  • 24-hr automatic keep warm
  • Multi-layered inner pan for even cooking
  • Removable inner and outer lid and steam vent cap
  • Inner pan has grip handle
  • Made in Japan


  • Inner pan must be hand washed

What's Included

  • Tiger 10-Cup IH Rice Cooker
  • Manual (English, French, Japanese, Korean)
  • Measure cup - Use to measure the uncooked rice. 
  • Spatula and Ladle



The inner pot of this Tiger rice cooker is 1.5 mm thick and has a multi-layered design that promotes stable and even cooking. The pot has an aluminum layer sandwiched between an inner layer made of an aluminum alloy coated with an IR (infrared) material and an outer layer of stainless steel.

It also has a handle making it easy to remove from the cooker.

This Tiger 10 cup rice cooker includes multiple options that make it easy to prepare your favorite rice such as white rice, brown rice, jasmine, and even mixed. The keep warm feature is another convenient function. Additionally, it can be programmed to prepare oatmeal (steel cut) or porridge.  

Menu Settings

  • Plain
  • Ultra
  • Quick
  • Mixed
  • Jasmine
  • Brown
  • Porridge
  • Oatmeal
  • If you would like an induction heating rice cooker with the tacock function, we have a review of the Tiger JKT-S18U Multi IH Cooker

    How to Use the Tiger JKT-B18U

    The Tiger Corporation provides an extensive instruction manual along with the rice cooker. It gives detailed instructions on how to cook rice, oatmeal, and more. Any question that you have, you will probably find the answers there. 

    The arrow buttons are used to navigate to the desired menu. The menu displays plain, ultra, quick, mixed, jasmine, brown, porridge, and oatmeal.

    One of the great features of this rice cooker is that the keep-warm function automatically engages once the steaming is fully completed, and an alarm sounds notifying you that the rice is finished.

    Don’t forget to stir and loosen your cooked rice and wipe off any hot water or condensation that’s accumulated on the upper casing.

    The Tiger JKT-B18U manual clearly states not to place the inner pan in the dishwasher.


    The Tiger Corporation specializes in household products and is based in Osaka, Japan. Since 1923, their company expanded to include Tiger Corporation USA, where they continue to improve their coveted vacuum insulation technology that’s made their cooking appliances so impressive. 

    Final Thoughts

    The Tiger JKT-B18U-C Rice Cooker 10 Cup is a solid rice cooker for these reasons. 

    • High quality and reasonably priced
    • Food is thoroughly and evenly cooked
    • Easy to operate
    • Multi-purpose - dishes other than rice can be prepared
    • Convenient and timer saver as food is quickly and independently cooked
    • ETL and CETL certified
    Check price and availability


    The Zojirushi NP-GBC05XT Induction Heating Rice Cooker is similar to the Tiger JKT-B10U-C.

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