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What Containers Can You Use in an Air Fryer?

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Air fryers have become incredibly popular, and everyone is talking about them. People are raving about their favorite air fryer techniques, from the best French fries to heating leftover pizza.

Of course, most talk about the food—but have you ever wondered what containers you can put in your air fryer?

Using the proper containers may not be as exciting as talking about the food, but it is an essential part of the equation.

From a safety perspective, knowing what containers you can use for cooking food in an air fryer is essential. It’s also important to know what types of things you can’t put in your air fryer. Some containers are not air fryer-friendly.

This article will discuss what kinds of containers can and can’t be placed in your air fryer.

What Containers Can You Put in an Air Fryer?

There may be times when the food bucket for your air fryer isn’t suitable for what you want to cook. However, you aren’t limited to only using what was supplied with the fryer.

A general rule of thumb is that if you can put it in a conventional oven, you can also put it in your air fryer.

There are, however, two limitations to what containers you can use.

First, the container must safely fit inside the fryer whether it is a small air fryer or a larger one, meaning that you can close the cooking drawer all the way. Secondly, the container cannot have wood, such as a wooden handle or grips. We’ll discuss this later in the article.

Listed below are suitable containers that are air fryer friendly.

Ceramic Containers

Ceramic containers are coated with a layer of heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant ceramic material. These are great for retaining heat while not retaining the flavors of what you’ve previously cooked in them. Ceramic containers are a good choice for soups or stews when using an air fryer.

Glass Containers

You can use containers made of glass in your air fryer because they are suitable for high temperatures, as long as they are manufactured for use in an oven. Although they should not be used with a direct flame for cooking, they are fine for the hot air that air fryers use to cook food.


Pyrex containers are made from tempered glass and work well for air fryer use. However, they don’t retain the flavors of what you last cooked in them.

Cast Iron

Containers made from cast iron can be used with an air fryer. Being a good conductor of heat, they ensure that the heat is evenly distributed to all parts of the container.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel containers are also a good heat distributor and can be used in an air fryer.

Copper Containers

Containers made of copper are an excellent choice for your air fryer.

Silicone Containers

Containers made from silicone are air fryer friendly. This soft, pliable material is usually used for baking muffins and can be used to bake with your air fryer.

Aluminum Containers

Single-use aluminum containers are an excellent choice for your air fryer. These are usually used for picnics and outdoor parties and can also be used in an air fryer.

A benefit is an easy cleanup. And you can eat it right out of the container and then dispose of it properly.

Nonstick Teflon

Containers made with this nonstick surface are suitable for use in an air fryer.

As you can see, there are many alternatives to using the food basket that comes with your air fryer. However, as noted above, it is imperative to only use containers that safely fit inside the basket and don’t have wooden grips or handles.

Other Things You Can Put Inside Your Air Fryer

Just like using containers for cooking or reheating your food in your air fryer, we’d like to mention a few other things you can use to improve your air fryer cooking experience. Listed below are a few things you can also use.

Aluminum Foil

Placing a sheet of aluminum foil on the bottom of the cooking basket will catch any grease or crumbs that would typically wind up in the basket. This will keep your air fryer cleaner and reduce your cleaning time. Be sure to poke some holes in it to ensure an even airflow around your food.

Parchment Paper

Just like aluminum foil, parchment paper is suitable for use in your air fryer. It’ll help to keep your fryer clean and makes cleaning much easier. Poke a few holes in it to make sure there’s even airflow around your food.

As you can see from the above list, there are plenty of different containers you can safely use in your air fryer. Please note that they will all be hot when removing them. Be sure to use a towel, oven mitts, or other suitable tools when removing these containers.

What Not to Put in Your Air Fryer


Although entirely acceptable for use in a microwave, under no circumstances should you put a Tupperware container inside your air fryer. They are made from plastic, and not only will they melt inside an air fryer, but they could also catch fire.


Any container made of wood, or even has some wood on it, is not safe for use in an air fryer. The wood will char, or even worse, catch fire.

Paper Towels

Due to the high heat in an air fryer, using a paper towel at the bottom of the basket is a no-no. Although it’s a great way to catch or soak up any grease from what’s cooking in a microwave, there’s a great possibility it’ll catch fire. Therefore, paper towels are not to be placed inside an air fryer.

Decorative Glass

There is a big difference between glass containers made for cooking and a glass container that is decorative and made for display uses. Only use glass containers that are specifically oven-safe.

You’ve Got Options When It Comes to Air Fryer Containers

You’re not limited to the basket or tray that came with your air fryer.

If a container can be put in the oven, it’s generally acceptable for use in an air fryer. Be sure the container safely fits inside and doesn’t have any wooden handles or grips.

Using different containers will improve your air fryer cooking experience and may also help you with a quicker and easier cleanup.

This guide was created to assist you in determining which containers are safe for air frying. However, it’s a good idea to check the user manual for information about your air fryer.